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breaking news from capitol hill tonight, a vote on speaker
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john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit has been delayed indefinitely. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. there was supposed to be a flurry of activity on the hill tonight but it hasn't happened yet. and there is a problem in the speaker's ranks. none of this is good news for the markets. already down five days in a row and growing more skeptical that washington can reach a deal to avoid default. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more of this. >> reporter: republicans in disarray appear on capitol hill tonight. speaker boehner and his top allies will work into the night to craft changes to his support for a vote possibly tomorrow. the vote that was put off tonight. house republican leaders realize they might lose the vote. >> further consideration of s-627 is postponed. >> reporter: an embarrassment for john boehner, conservatives rejecting his plan to cut $917
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billion, demanding he fight for more through the deadline. >> i disagree. i just don't think that with a fragile economy that we have, the last thing we need to do is be playing around with august the 2nd. >> reporter: new tea party lawmakers head back to the speaker. >> the freshman class is going to support this legislation. >> reporter: boehner's problem was veteran conservatives like jeff flake of arizona, called to the speaker's office, he said he'd still vote no. into the evening, boehner faced off against the rebels one by one. a congressman from texas said he left bloodied and bruised but still a no. democrats heckled, mocking boehner's begging for votes. >> piece after piece after piece of meat to that right wing lion in your caucus. >> reporter: but senate leaders vowed to defeat the boehner plan if it does pass. a compromise between the speaker and senate democrats looked
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possible. their plans were quite simple. now boehner seems sure to move more to the right. back to you. >> thanks, steve. as police continue to look for the man who's been slashing women's backsides in northern virginia, one victim is telling her story. >> it was about this long. and it was like a gush. it was pretty deep. >> this 20-year-old woman said it was a cut she'll never forget. she was pregnant and walking out of the fair oaks mall in february when she notice add man following her. that's when he attacked. >> all of a sudden he's like right there behind me. and i felt like a pinch on my bottom, and i just thought he grabbed me. and i was like, hey, you just cut my leggings. and he was like, no, no, no, it was my bag. >> authorities say in all the attacks, the suspect used a small box knife or razor.
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there have been five attacks altogether. scorching temperatures really dangerous heat will roll into the washington area tomorrow. unlike last week, metro will not allow riders to drink water while on the trains tomorrow. the transit agency told news 4 tonight it has no plans to change its policy. they're not going to despite the fact that heat indices may soar far above 100. veronica johnson with more on this. this could be ugly, huh, veronica? [ no audio ] >> we'll get back to veronica in just a moment. we're having an audio problem there. federal agents swooped in on a university in virginia this afternoon and started hauling away evidence. news 4 has learned that today's raid stems from concern that the
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university of northern virginia was allowing too many foreign students into the country. jackie bensen was first on the scene this afternoon. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, it's a growing concern. unaccredited universities obtaining student visas for thousands of people, many of them from india, where this university is more well known than harvard. into the evening, agents from u.s. immigration and customs enforcement filled a truck with documents taken from the offices of the university of northern virginia. the school's annandale campuses shares a small three-story office building on little river turnpike with a korean travel agency and a medical clinic. the federal agents descended on the university's administrative offices which occupied two suites in an office building next door thursday afternoon. at issue, post-9/11 regulation of student visas known as the student and exchange visitor program. the highly coveted visas are
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issued by the schools themselves. they agree to follow federal regulations. students must attend on-campus classes and not break the law by using the visa to get a job. foreign students make up the majority of unva student body, said to number more than 2,000. students and graduates stood by as federal agents carried out their work. >> lots of students are coming from india to get a visa from the u.s. embassy -- >> reporter: but you went to school? >> yes. we have attended regular classes all in a week and attend the exam and all the things. i don't know what is the problem. >> reporter: in a statement, a spokesperson for immigration and customs enforcement said -- today, officials from i.c.e. served university of northern virginia officials with a notice of intent to withdraw unva's authorization to admit foreign students. the university of northern virginia has been temporarily
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barred from admitting new foreign students. but the school is open and classes are continuing as usual. students are expected to attend. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thank you, jackie. as we noted, it's supposed to get really hot tomorrow. and in fact, it could get dangerous again. veronica johnson up in the weather center. got your mike fixed, veronica? >> that's right. the heat is going to be way up there and quick like it tomorrow, too. the heat index value right now is running 6 to 7 degrees higher than the actual air temperature. tomorrow will feel anywhere from 105 to 109. and that will be for several hours. so not just peaking and coming back down, but for several hours. we've got storms to talk about, too. you can see showers north of the area. but tomorrow, the possibility of rain along with the high heat. ahead in news 4 at 11:00, raw emotions as friends remember a teenager killed in a car accident. police say it appears the driver
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was trying to get home for curfew. a pilot swam 15 miles after his plane landed in a lake. but that's not what got him to shore. a couple of crooks just can't seem to break into a store no matter how many whacks they take. and a park ranger going against champions league winner fc barcelona trying to kick th
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a pilot is lucky to be alive after his plane crash landed in michigan's lake huron. he had to tread water for 18 hours. he said he could see the shore but couldn't make it through the current. finally this morning a fishing boat saw him and plucked him out of the water. he said the thought of his family is what kept him afloat that whole time. an attempt to rob a gas station did not go as planned in clark county, ohio. this is store security camera video. shows two guys trying to break the glass on the front door with tire irons. didn't quite work out. but they went back and tried it again because they were determined to get in. by that time, cops had been called and showed up and busted them all, two guys with tire jack, three others waiting in the getaway car.
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some parents and others are uncomfortable about a new doll that lets little girls imitate breastfeeding. each doll comes with a halter top the child wears. when the doll is attached to an appliq applique, the baby makes sucking sounds. it's sold in europe right now but will debut at a toy show in las vegas this weekend. making interstate 66 smarter? what it may mean for commuters. the first african-american naval aviator is honored on the mall this evening. and two men who
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dozens of people gathered outside a high school in frederick county tonight to pay tribute to an honor student who lost her life in a car accident. jacqueline shayuth was killed when a friend lost control of the car she was driving and hit a tree. darcy spencer reports on the sadness that has enveloped the community in walkersville. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil held at walkersville high school in memory of a rising senior, 16-year-old jacqueline shayuth, who died in a car crash wednesday night. >> i'm just thinking of the parents a lot and all these friends, you know? it's not easy. >> reporter: jacqueline was an
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honor student. she was on the swim and lacrosse teams. she was returning home with friends when the car she was riding in wrecked on a winding road in rural frederick county. >> she was going to be team captain this year. she was loved. so that's about it. she was loved. >> reporter: behind the wheel of the mazda 626 was her 17-year-old best friend and fellow student. after the crash, the teen tweeted out a series of emotional messages. one of them read, jacqueline, i am so sorry i took your life. i will love you forever. jacqueline, please come back. sherry shayuth is jacqueline's mother. >> she was just the most beautiful, smart, articulate, confident, responsible, beautiful, beautiful daughter that any mother could ever ask for ever. >> reporter: the crash happened just before midnight on renner road. police say the teen driver lost control and hit a tree. jacqueline was in the backseat, another passenger who also
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attends walkersville high is in critical condition. no charges have been filed. >> jacqueline loved life and loved everybody and every day and lived every day fully. >> reporter: even though classes are out for the summer, crisis counselors will be here at the high school on friday and monday to help students deal with this tragic loss. in walkersville, darcy spencer, news 4. in virginia, accidents like this one earlier this month can turn i-66 into a huge mess. but now the virginia department of transportation is trying to change that. vdot is planning to install a new traffic management system along 66 between the roosevelt bridge and haymarket. the project will include sensors, more traffic cameras and more signs to alert motorists about accidents and detours. it's expected to cost about $32 million. the remains of 12 airmen who
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were missing in action from world war ii have been identified. among them staff sergeant claude tiler of landover. in 1943, the men were on a reconnaissance mission in new guinea when their planes went into a storm and went out of contact. they will be buried in arlington cemetery next thursday. the first african-american to fly in the navy was honored tonight during a celebration at the u.s. navy memorial. the navy hosted a special film screening of jes ri leroy brown. he became an aviator in 1948. two years later, he was killed in the korean war when his plane was hit by enemy fire. he was awarded the distinguished flying cross. speaking at the event tonight was captain thomas hudner, jr., who tried to rescue brown when that plane was shot down. veronica's back with more
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about our weather and the -- >> nasty conditions? yes. it's just going to last for one day. >> that's very helpful. >> but tell you what, just looking at the numbers, this summer really getting on par with last summer. we've had three 100-degree days. tomorrow likely to be the fourth. tomorrow we could even set a new record high temperature. not anything that we really want to be excited about. got up to 95 degrees today. the average high, 88. we just keep doing it. we keep seeing the numbers, the high temperature above the average high. there's a look at tomorrow's high, 99 degrees, set back in 1993. we're at 85 degrees right now. the heat index is at 92. we've got some showers that have been moving through our northernmost counties around howard and montgomery counties. those all pushing off to the south and east. some very light showers, most of that rain well up to the north. but the deal is with this weather boundary, weak boundary around us tomorrow, those same locations just north could see some showers and maybe some
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thunderstorms coming your way tomorrow afternoon. look at the numbers now. 85, 81, leesburg at 84 degrees. factor in the humidity and it's way up there now. feels like we're in the low 90s. these are the numbers we're looking for tomorrow. 109 to 110. that's for a couple of hours. so tomorrow's the kind of day you want to make sure you check on those folks that don't have any air, your friends and relatives, neighbors nearby. heat advisories and even excessive heat warnings down to the south. those extend westward. there's some heat out there. but remember last week that area was huge. it took up about half the country. so tomorrow there's -- the main boundary is going to give us a shower on saturday. tomorrow, southerly flow, oppressive, a lot of heat. the front makes its way through the area on saturday giving us the second half of the weekend that we'll have lower humidity and some more comfortable conditions. but there we are maxing out at 107 during the afternoon tomorrow. 87, around 90 degrees is what it
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will feel like early saturday morning. then for saturday, up to 100 degrees. that heat index reaching an actual high temperature of 95 degrees. so the forecast for tomorrow morning, it's going to be warm. it's going to be kind of sticky to start out. 69 to 78 degrees. i think we're going to have a big range in temperatures throughout the area, at least for the first part of the day. then even gets the heat, a nice dose of real summer around d.c. 96 to 101. as far as the four-day forecast goes, there's your chance of rain on saturday. it's not much of a chance. but it will be good enough to send the humidity back down on sunday. early part of next week, running anywhere between about 90 and 94 degrees. so still a hot pattern for us. but getting on par back with where we were last year. >> one day of extreme conditions. >> yes. like saving money? virginia announces the dates for its sales tax holiday. and the latest on who's
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hakem just came back from redskins park. all kinds of stuff going on out there today. >> i'm happy to be sitting here next to you, and you doreen and veronica, to finally say, you know what is this we have a problem that's solved. at least we hope so. >> you talking about what's his name? >> we're all about problem-solving. >> we're all about not talking about albert anymore. this is the last time, right? >> exactly. passing a physical is a formality in most cases in professional sports but when talking about albert haynesworth, it's a punch line.
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haynesworth was traded but he has to pass his physical for the deal to be completed. he also needs an attitude change. it was said today, quote, it's always team first, that's the patriots' way, if you can't put the team first, you won't be here. meanwhile, the redskin released several players today including philip daniels. he's one of the hardest workers on the team but injuried limited his production. the 38-year-old today told us he's not ready to retire. rab back only missed one start. the team told him they wanted to go younger at the center position. >> i wish i had that opportunity that white's goil still got in the tank. but it is what it is. everything that i got, i think i earned. i'm not one to ask for a scholarship year or anything like that. this is the next chapter in my
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life, i'm fine. >> i was hoping i could go out on my own terms. seven years, putting on the burgundy and goal and representing the redskins and going out and giving everything you've got, it's tough, man, you know? but i hold no regrets. i just know that i did all i could. i worked hard and after you've done all you can, there's no more you can do. you feel good about yourself. >> two complete two professionals. here's who the redskins added to their roster. stephen bowen gets a five-year contract. chris chester started 14 games last season for baltimore. chester agrees to a five-year, $20 million deal. and they picked up rocca. he was a star rugby player in australia before converting to an nfl punter. very nice there. maybe he can play some rugby, jim vance. >> not likely. >> redskins also reportedly agreed to terms tonight with
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ryan kerrigan. the nats swept by the marlins and falling to 17-9 under davy johnson. third inning, bases loaded for jayson werth. pops it up. three marlins chasing. falls right in front of mike stanton just inside the line. one run scores. see it again there. yeah, that's perfect placement. werth was 2 for 4 with two rbis. top four, same score. john lannan facing the marlins' pitcher. mike cameron, the veteran, races home to score. davy johnson thinking, come on, guys, come on. top six, lannan pitching to mike stanton. he makes up for that catch that he didn't make. no-doubter, crushes it to left center. solo home run, his 24th of the season. stanton has nine career homers against washington. the nats lose 5-2 losing five in
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a row. in toronto, buck showalter and the orioles against the blue jays. adam lind giving chase, makes the grab and throws back to first for the double play. see it again. nice catch. reimold sets held up. blue jays beat the os. and the mystics lose to the new york liberty, 75-71. >> thank goodness we have the kastles. nobody else around here winning anything. my goodness! >> thanks, hakem. why the
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virginia parents will get a break on back-to-school shopping next weekend. the commonwealth announced its sales tax holiday for august 5th, 6th and 7th. that means no sales tax on notebooks, pens and other supplies that cost less than $20. shoes and clothing that cost less than $100 will also be exempt from the sales tax. some of the best and the highest-paid soccer players in the world were kicked out today. they got stopped by the park police. the team was in d.c. for a rematch of the uefa championship league against manchester united. but a park police officer told those guys that groups of more than ten are not allowed to congregate so close to the white house no matter how much money they make.
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there's a young coyote that can see clearly tonight for the first time in about a week thanks to two guys up in washington state. there you go. the coyote spent almost a week with his head stuck in a mayonnaise jar. he'd been making headlines on the news and in the papers around seattle ever since. animal control officers couldn't track him down. but two guys did. >> he would have run if he could, i think. but he really was really weak. >> we wanted to make sure that it survived. >> the coyote ran off as soon as the jar was slid off its head. animal control would still like to find him, saying they'd like

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